April 16, 2014

Self Leadership

What is self leadership? Or leadership of self? Are they the same? How does one develop as a leader?… [more]

Self Leadership Self Leadership


Challenge U designs and delivers learning based trainings to support leadership development from the… [more]

Executive|Business Executive|Business

Samurai Game®

The Samurai Game® is a highly challenging, intense leadership and team simulation within which individuals… [more]

Samurai Game® Samurai Game®


In almost 20 years of working with many types of teams in a variety of settings, I (Andi Burgis) have… [more]

Teams Teams

Corporate/ Business

What we do for teams: Clients engage Challenge U as a partner when they want to create highly proactive… [more]

Corporate/ Business Corporate/ Business

Sports | Athletic

Challenge U programs for sports team put the focus on the development of all the components of a winning… [more]

Sports | Athletic Sports | Athletic



Family Family

Experiential Coaching

Challenge U Experiential Coaching Committed to partnerships that support people in developing skills,… [more]

Experiential Coaching Experiential Coaching

Horse | Human Partnership

The feeling beneath me is one of power, athleticism, grace…as we move through the meadow I realize… [more]

Horse | Human Partnership Horse | Human Partnership

Western Dressage

Western Dressage “Western Dressage is a new approach to western riding. It uses the methods of master… [more]

Western Dressage Western Dressage

Equine Experiential Learning

  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArtDK6CKTVw&feature=email[/youtube] It’s now commonly… [more]

Equine Experiential Learning Equine Experiential Learning

Learning Instruments | Assessments

  More Information Coming Soon.… [more]

Learning Instruments | Assessments Learning Instruments | Assessments

Low Ropes

Our ground based Extraordinary Team program is a portable teambuilding format with the focus on the daily… [more]

Low Ropes Low Ropes

Low | High

  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-CF04Ka3YE&feature=email[/youtube] The combination… [more]

Low | High Low | High

High Ropes

  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5A67I7oeCg&feature=email[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h14STwmcV9c&feature=email[/youtube]… [more]

High Ropes High Ropes

Challenge U

Challenge U is a renowned, highly-respected, and sought after transformational catalyst for people and teams. For nearly two decades, we have used innovative, highly transferable formats to help people live lives of possibility and purpose.   Our tools and practices are considered world-class in their effectiveness despite being unusual or even radically different.  Our clients include a broad array of organizations and companies as well as private individuals and public figures.  Our team is comprised of experts in the modalities we employ.

The Challenge U culture is a shining example of our work in practice.  We value balance, responsibility, communication and a belief that if “you can do this, you can do anything”. We view our work as an expression of our life purpose and contribute our knowledge through our commitment to our clients.

At Challenge-U we believe that our greatest resource today is the human resource.  We believe the source of our effectiveness and happiness, personally and professionally, comes through relationship. We define relationship as the communication, cooperation, trust, emotional agility, commitment, and responsibility we bring to ourselves and others on a day to day basis.

It is our observation that with the worlds’ current focus on information and technology, people have moved away from the human relationship components so critical to success and fulfillment.

So how does this apply to our programs here at Challenge U?

You will find we provide the value of risk taking (in a safe way) through our challenge course programs.  You will hear us refer to our horses as master co facilitators to support an understanding of how to use the other 90 % of communication. We describe the Samurai Game® as one of the most unique and profound experiences in self leadership. And the DISC and other learning assessments provide an informational foundation to what we need to know about ourselves and others to be effective in communication, sales, teamwork and time management. We not only add tools to people’s toolboxes, we teach them how to use them in a fully present and conscious way!

What’s different about CU- We embrace choice.  We empower choice in others.  We do not assume to define success for others. Instead, we seek to help people and teams achieve clarity of movement toward whatever their unique purpose is.