October 20-21 or December 8-9

12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Choose from two weekends and join Challenge U for the Mastering Connection Workshop, designed to help couples build or increase relationship skills that support communication and connection in a healthy and proactive way. Mastering these skills are the foundation of having healthy, mutually respectful and fulfilling relationships.


The content of this workshop will support couples in increasing the connection in their own relationship by using the natural instinct of the horses and how they interact in relationship. Horses model the ability to bring their needs to the relationship in a healthy way by focusing on the herd as a whole, not just their own well being.  Horses embody “present experience”, clear boundary setting, and “whole body” communication. The horses are masters at connection, communication and acceptance. You will get to experience the horses as teachers in an intimate and supportive environment.

Horses as Teachers

The horses as teachers bring the wisdom of a being who is 100% present, 100% congruent and who lives in a totally accepting and balanced state.

The horses as teachers bring to the table a true experience of non-judgment. They do not care what color our skin is, the kind of car we drive, the amount of money in our bank account, or the choices we have made in our past. They give us feedback from this state of non-judgment. Humans are not able to provide feedback in this way. This is significant in the value the horses bring!

Spend the day with us at Challenge U, and you can expect the following outcomes:

  • Increase in the heart based connection in your relationship;

  • Understanding the importance of congruence in creating a trusting partnership and how to become congruent;

  • Learning how to listen and hear what’s being said at a non-verbal level;

  • The creation of new levels of intimacy;

  • Learning how to create feedback that’s from a neutral space;

  • Understand what's actually being communicated;

  • Discovery and recognition of energy fields as a primary tool for effective communication and relationships.


Through my experience with you and the horses, I experienced real time / real life method and result.   For me, I focused on a male/female dynamic, as it is something I needed some healing and growth. I went in believing I need to learn to embrace the strength of female passivity and to give over control, as a way of ultimately actually being in control, or at least as a way of gaining what I wanted. It worked. With this man, I respectfully and softly approached, stepped back, respected his boundaries, let him be in control and even rescue me a little, and he came toward me, and is still coming toward me. I, as well, am 'enjoying this new incarnation of us' as he put it.  And it's all because of my shift in behavior. And believe me, this is a shift, as I had become entrenched in rigid control over the past few years in particular due to an intense caretaking of other people in need in my life.  I've been the rock that everyone has relied and leaned on.  So it's wonderfully relieving and freeing to shed that burden and allow someone else to be a rock for me

- L. Aldersley, CU Alum



Limited to six (6) couples
per workshop!


Challenge U Ranch, Liberty, MO (Kansas City area)


12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


$350.00 per workshop.
Tuition includes lunch, bottled water and all workshop materials. Receive 10% discount when you register and pre-pay for multiple workshop dates!


No experience with horses is required. In all equine workshops, participants have the opportunity to interact with a variety of our teaching horses. All work with the horses is done on the ground; this is not a horseback riding experience. Dress comfortably, bring a light jacket, and wear tennis shoes or hiking boots.

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