Challenge U and Serenity Life have partnered to bring you an incredible series of workshops that are anchored in the wisdom of horses. Why horses?

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Equine Experiential Learning, or EEL, is a format that uses horses as active participants that help to facilitate the learning experience for the human participants. By examining horse behavior, and how the horses relate to us, we can better understand what may be more effective in our own human relationships.


The equine-assisted model helps individuals learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses and then debrief feelings, behaviors, and patterns, recognizing how these may relate to the workplace or at home. While EEL is related to other experiential programs, equine assisted programs have the added element of horse life skills and knowledge with as many different personalities and attitudes as the humans they are working with.  The horses provide an amazingly clear and non-judgmental level of feedback and mirroring to each participant; we just don’t get this kind of feedback from other humans since information goes through our own human “filters” of past experience.  Horses simply don’t do this; they are ever present in each current interaction.

Typical Outcomes from an Equine Experience:

  • Build self realization in a powerful , energetic way

  • Become aware of your energy and how to transfer to positively influence others

  • Increase communication effectiveness

  • Increase connection with self and others

  • Experience the value of being present in your relationships

  • Achieve clarity about who you are and what you desire.

  • Achieve clarity about the possibilities that exist for you and your life.

  • Identify patterns inhibiting movement into the personal satisfaction you seek.

  • Create authentic relationships and community.

  • Reduce stress and increase mind-body awareness.

  • Learn effective and congruent communication skills.

  • Increase teamwork.

  • Learn to identify and set healthy boundaries.

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