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Translate Learning Into Results

When a group wants to be effective in any new skill or learning, practice of that skill or learning is necessary. Multi-day retreats offer that additional opportunity of practice in a facilitated training environment. This in turn creates a higher return of your investment. In a time when the phrase “time equals money” is more important than ever, the investment of time away from the daily environment must produce new or better results to justify the time away. At Challenge U we are committed to you leaving the retreat believing it was a great use of your time! You can rest assured that the skills learned translate to an immediate increase in productivity.

We partner with our clients in various ways to support their retreat outcomes:

  • Team Building events are designed to complement your retreat theme.

  • Corporate Training workshops are focused on professional development topics, including leadership, teamwork, communication and personality type assessment.

  • Facilitation of all or part of your multi-day company retreat blending business conversations with corporate training workshops and team building events.

Remember that boss who you just couldn’t get through to?

We know why… and we can help.

Our retreat programs use an experiential learning format customized to your organization’s goals and objectives.


Team assessment tools such as the Everything DISC® Learning Assessment and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team are available with this program. The Samurai Game® is available with a multi-day format, as is our unique opportunity on the Low and High Ropes Course. Our newest program using our horses as teachers -  Equine Experiential Learning - brings a cutting edge opportunity to work on communication and leadership in a unique and profound way.


We can combine a strategic goal setting format with any of the above mentioned programs. As a follow up to insure the implementation of the learning, our one-on-one or group coaching format is a perfect way to complete the package.

Once again, all of our retreats are customized to the needs of the group to support the learning necessary for real and sustained change.

What Outcomes Can You Expect

from a Challenge U Retreat?

  • Increase and build a foundation of trust among leadership

  • Create appreciation for differences in communication styles, and then  use these differences to enhance capacity, increase effectiveness of process, enhance results

  • Learn to communicate effectively with different styles

  • Determine and align behind top priorities

  • Clarify roles and make responsibilities clear

  • Create accountability

  • Increase emotional agility to best work with team dynamics

  • Build tools to be proactive vs. reactive in communication

  • Develop awareness and tools to effectively manage change

  • Redefine failure as a tool for success; there is no failure, just feedback!

  • Understand how our perceptions open up or close off possibilities to success


Challenge U Ranch,

Kansas City

Visit us at our beautiful learning center settled in the rolling hills outside Kansas City. The Challenge U Ranch comes complete with our teaching horses, a low and high ropes course and the stunning backdrop of the Midwest.


Located 20 minutes from the Kansas City airport, the ranch is a perfect setting to get away and create clarity and learning to move your organization and team to the next level. While you are here take in the culture of the area with a Royals baseball game, a Chiefs football game and some of the best BBQ in the country!


San Diego, Irvine,

Los Angeles

After 28 years of successfully delivering retreats and trainings to corporate America across Southern California, we have established relationships with many venues. As our home away from home, these beautiful, convenient settings offer ample accommodations, challenge courses, and even horses who help us teach our popular equine programs.

No visit to Southern California is complete without taking in the scenery, sports, sights and shopping. We guarantee the experience will be one-of-a-kind for your team.

Other Locations Available!

If you are interested in a Challenge U-facilitated retreat and have another location you prefer, we can work with you to secure a venue that will support your outcomes.


— Bor-Yen M., STMicroelectronics

The management team from STMicroelectronics, Rancho Bernardo spent one day on the ropes challenge course. This has been one if the best experiences I ever had. Team work is the most critical factor that determines the success or failure of a team, especially in the complex working environment nowadays. Continuing attention to the development of any working group is essential. Challenge U has developed a program that every member in my team enjoys, from regular team building exercise to high intensity rope course. We experienced and attested the criticality of communication, trust, and focus throughout the exercise. This exercise definitely has a strong positive influence on our team performance.