It's a New Year, Why Not a New You?

The Resilience Advantage™

Like many of you, I seek out and am exposed to new tools and techniques to support my wellbeing. All are enchanting at first! I practice them diligently, recognize the value in what they produce, and then WHOOPS! Something else seems to get in the way. Life’s happenings become more important, and the new tools get left behind.

Well, I think I have found a set of tools that will stick. I have been diligent in the practice, and the results are amazing! Even more fulfilling is finding a place in my life for this new technique that I’m quite confident is forever.

I want to offer this set of tools to you.Let me start with the end first. Or perhaps the beginning. Actually, it’s the result!

I am experiencing renewed energy and less stress. Where before there was judgment, I have an appreciation for others and myself. I am able to be in a moment, to shift my emotions from depleting to renewing. I am able to maintain calm, centered, and be present for longer than ever before. I am coherent more than incoherent. I feel awesome!

How? Why? Tell us more!

First, two definitions:

Resilience: “The capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity.”

and Coherence: “An optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are aligned and in sync. Physiologically, the immune, hormonal and nervous systems function in a state of energetic coordination.”

I am developing Resilience! From the inside out, and the outside in, I am Coherent! I am learning firsthand that heartfelt appreciation can facilitate the healing of the human body and spirit!

In fact, sincere, heartfelt appreciation uplifts, inspires and drives us all to achieve that which we did not think possible.

I’d like to share a very simple and effective Appreciation exercise that can start you on your way to

Resilience, Coherence and all that brings to us in our busy, sometimes stressful lives. Sara Childre, President of the HeartMath Institute, offers the following steps:

Appreciation Exercise

Heart Focus: Focus your attention on your heart area, and breathe a little deeper than normal, in for 5 or 6 seconds and out 5 or 6 seconds.

Heart Breathing: Imagine breathing through your heart. Picture yourself slowly breathing in and out through your heart area.

Heart Feeling: Activate a positive feeling as you maintain your heart focus and breathing. Recall a time you felt good inside, and try to re-experience the feeling. Remember a special place or the love you feel for a close friend, relative or treasured pet. The key is to focus on something you really appreciate.

How do you feel? Do you notice a greater sense of ease, wellbeing or relaxation? Want to go even deeper? Try incorporating greater Appreciation into your life in these simple ways:

Appreciation Breaks: Take two or three appreciation breaks each day – ideally in early morning, during work, school, returning home or before bed. Just follow the above simple steps. It takes as little as two minutes to achieve mental, emotional and physical balance.

Appreciation List: Make a list of things you appreciate – people, places, activities, pets – and choose one or two each morning to hold in your heart during the day. Choose an item again at night to hold in your heart while you rest.

Appreciation in the Moment: Keep your Appreciation List close all day, in a pocket or purse, by your computer or elsewhere. In stressful moments, choose an item that can quickly evoke appreciation. It can turn a stressful day into one that flows – in 30 seconds or less.

You’re invited to contact Andi Burgis to discuss a coaching program focused on creating The Resilience Advantage™. Simply email to schedule a complimentary session and learn more about this life-changing technique.

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