Do The Right Thing: Meet Them Where They Are!

I want to share with you a true story about what happens when we do the “right” thing.

First, the moral…everyone wins!

Over the past month, Cathy and I have been talking regularly about needing more horses for our teaching herd. The two new Mama mares will be unavailable as teachers until they wean their foals. Sadly, we lost 3 horses last fall. The 4-year-old mares we’ve raised are making their way to being able to work with clients, but we have to work at their maturity and pace until they are ready.

I got clear and put a message out to the universe: Challenge U was looking for adult horses, preferably geldings, that would be well suited for client work and as potential riding partners for me.

The universe answered. Two weeks ago, I received an out-of-the-blue, early morning phone call from a young man named Colin.

I listened carefully as Colin told me about his wonderful horse, Calvin. He told me he was eventing (jumping) him. While the horse had a huge heart and would do anything he was asked, he said, Calvin was not doing well with the jumping because of severe back problems. Sadly, Colin had tried everything available to cure Calvin’s ailment, but nothing was working.

Colin went on to share that he had done some research. He was looking for a home for Calvin where he would be well taken care of and have a job, a job that allowed him to contribute without being ridden as a jumper, without enduring the pain. He was looking for a new home for Calvin where he could be a horse and be appreciated and loved for what he could contribute. Colin reached out to us to support his horse.

Would we consider taking him? Perhaps he was a good fit for our program?

There are several pieces of this story that make it unique. What stands out to me is the action Colin took to support his horse Calvin. In many barns, a horse in Calvin’s condition would be asked to continue to do what he was trained for, what he was purchased for. Or he would have been sold to become someone else’s problem.

What Colin did instead, was to put the needs of the horse first. He did what was in the best interest of the horse and his capacity. He met him where he was.

The result? Colin’s generosity, integrity and present state has resulted in a tremendous gift for both Calvin AND Challenge U.

This lesson of meeting others where they are is core to our teachings about the relationship between two beings. For it to be effective, for it to flourish, for it to be fulfilling, you must meet the other party where they are. It’s not reasonable to ask them to change for you.

Well, Colin became a living example of this in his relationship with Calvin. His willingness to meet Calvin where he was has proven to be beneficial to so many. I know Colin misses his horse; but Colin knows we are taking good care of him.

It is with excitement and gratefulness for what the universe delivered that I now introduce Calvin, an 8-year-old thoroughbred with a huge heart that is a respected, new member of our teaching herd. He comes to us with a foundation of knowing he is worthy of care; a foundation of being loved and respected.

When you meet someone, another being where they are, so many doors open. I invite you to practice this model and see what opens up for you and others! As you can see, everyone wins!

Thank you, Colin, for your awareness, courage and commitment to Calvin and something much bigger! We are very grateful to you and are very excited to have Calvin in our herd. I am certain his contribution as a teacher for humans will be a part of his legacy!

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