Let's Get Your Managers Coaching!

April 21, 2016

The typical measurement of management is based in process and results. Both are certainly critical to your company’s success. But let me ask you…


What if you added a third measurement, Relationship, and even made the trait of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) foundational to your team as depicted by the model below?

Can you imagine a team empowered by trust and an ability to use conflict (or what we call ‘healthy debate’) to process ideas? Can you imagine such a team soon exceeding previous results?


Challenge U’s Spring series of workshops focuses on teaching the traits of Relationship and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to your managers and teams. The Professional Development series features four experiential-based trainings that will focus on different areas of EQ, building trust, creating emotional agility, understanding the value of conflict and how to use EQ as a tremendous tool to realize effective teamwork.


Please plan on joining us for this significant and empowering series of workshops. We’ve personally witnessed teams reaching profound realizations and results. You too will come away with an experience that will transfer to your life immediately!