Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence (EI) can positively shape our relationships and our outcomes—at work and in life—yet developing the suite of EI competencies in a lasting and effective way can be a challenge without the support and guidance of a qualified coach.

EI enables us to understand and navigate our own emotions as well as our relationships. This skill set is vital throughout our lives—whether we’re leading a team, raising a family, or simply want to make a positive impact in the world.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence promises many rewards. Our clients aim to:

  • Improve Decision Making

  • Enhance Focus

  • Increase Self Awareness

  • Boost Well Being

  • Resolve Conflict Effectively

  • Create Emotional Balance

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve Communication Effectiveness

  • Increase Adaptability

I want to thank you though for the significant role you have played in helping me during this time...I have no one else in my business life other than you who can put up an accurate (and sometimes irritating—ha!) mirror up to my own attitudes and actions that are either helping or obstructing our [company's] transition goals.

Christopher E. Russell, Managing Attorney, Russell & Lazarus, APC


At Challenge U, we believe that in order for change to occur, we need to be willing to risk, challenge old patterns at an emotional and experiential level, and be willing to practice the necessary actions to put in place new beliefs, new habits, and new possibilities. It is said you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it: you can‘t create a new life, new outcomes, and new viewpoints with the old thoughts in play.

Drawing upon evidence-based techniques, real-time feedback, and 30 years of experience developing EI in people, Andi's aim is simple: she strives to deliver a transformative growth experience that brings beneficial impact not only to you the client but your entire circle of influence, the organizations in which you play a role, and society at large.

Who We Serve: Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Decision Makers and anyone looking to enhance personal and professional success, balance and communication.


Empower yourself with a perspective and experiences that anchor who you are, the possibilities that exist for you in your life and the ways to create them, now.


This is not a dress rehearsal!

 Leadership starts with self.


How are you creating the challenges?


How do you create the change?


Andi Burgis is not like any coach you've known. She comes armed with three decades of working with people to support them reaching their highest potential, balance and life skills to increase personal and professional satisfaction.

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